E: Naming concepts like a hook

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      • Use strong concept handles E: Naming concepts like a hook
        • The idea of concept-handles is itself a concept-handle; it means a catchy phrase that sums up a complex topic.
        • Eliezer Yudkowsky is really good at this. “belief in belief“, “semantic stopsigns“, “applause lights“, “Pascal’s mugging“, “adaptation-executors vs. fitness-maximizers“, “reversed stupidity vs. intelligence“, “joy in the merely real” – all of these are interesting ideas, but more important they’re interesting ideas with short catchy names that everybody knows, so we can talk about them easily.
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  • I definitively see this in relationship with Roam and note taking - 7 years ago I had vague ideas but nothing to pin it on. Now I can just say Zettelkasten, and a group of people are onboard (but many others are lost)
    • Interesting also how different intellectuals become known for a single concept, like ZPD...
  • How does this relate to
    • the idea that coming up with completely meaningless terms is better because then you can define them, and people don't have predefined notions (#missingLink)
    • or the spatial relationship when talking - I'll park a concept here #missingLink
  • Questions
    • What kinds of concepts does this work well for? What kinds of hooks? Are there concepts I have that I could do this with?
    • What happens if concept is watered out/changed? Appropriated?
      • gay, n**er, metoo
    • How do you fight against it if its unfair?
      • liberal latte-drinking East coast elite snowflakes
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