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  • People use Skillshare or Teachable for things like roam-courses
  • Why are people able to command such a premium for such courses, especially if they are mainly collections of videos?
  • Basically just a Youtube playlist with payment/accounts? Why doesn't Youtube offer this?
  • Others, like Write of Passage and BASB-course use a custom stack - payment, membership, Zoom, mailing lists etc?
  • None of the MOOC providers (Course, EdX, Udacity) want to work with individuals (also not Minerva currently)
  • Things people want
    • easy set up, payment, promotion etc
    • white label - not "one more course on X platform", but "awesomecourse.com"
    • hosting video and curriculum (mostly video)
    • mailing lists / discussion forums
    • cohort functionality
  • One possibility would be for someone to use OpenEdX to set up a Software-as-a-Service for independent course creators, with payment etc integrated (Stripe?)
    • Authoring courses is a hassle, not sure it's worth it, given the small numbers.
    • Maybe something like Canvas?
  • Some of these courses also offer live video (Zoom etc) - what would it look like for Minerva to offer our services? Ideally through a reseller who could offer all of the other functionality, and bundle Forum access and training with payment, discussion forums, promotion, etc...
  • Examples:
    • Nat Eliason has made $50,000 on a course on Roam Research which is basically just 20 short videos (95$ fee).
    • Tiago Forte has taught 800 people on his Building a Second Brain course, minimum price is 999$.
    • Other examples - how big a market is this, and how many would be interested in Teachables-style courses or a bit more interactive, versus full-on video etc?

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