E: Automatic mailing list for incremental brainstorming

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  • An approach to implement [[E: Incremental Brainstorming]]
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          - In the meantime, I've been thinking about something very regular, small granularity, but accretive...<span id='bcvmi6Co_'/>
              - Like going into my Instapaper inbox every morning and spending 10 minutes processing one or two articles, adding a few links, maybe making an SRS question...<span id='n1JrzIC95'/>
          - **Some kind of idea of "batting back and forth" on a topic. A bit like postal chess - seeing one move and making one move... **<span id='aladCHMSZ'/>
              - What does it mean to "make a move" in argumentation/exploration?<span id='BRLp_s1B6'/>
                  - Like someone asking a question or postulating something (How can we have more meaningful online parties), and the other one making one rhetorical move... Maybe "What do you mean by meaningful" - and back and forth... limited to one question/answer per day?<span id='unWtYDciU'/>
              - But then somehow mapped out so it's not just a long iMessage thread...<span id='5eD4zBRkb'/>
              - Is there a way in which it can both provide real insight after a while, but still not get so complex that you need to spend 30 minutes to "load" the entire context, before you can make your move?<span id='6IZqiiOGg'/>
          - I've thought about stuff like a concept map paired with quick voice messages or something... Different ways of mapping, visualizing. A good friend of mine worked a lot with scaffolds when we did collaborative learning - UIs that encourage students to use certain words or phrases like "this cannot explain..." Found this link which briefly explains https://blogs.otago.ac.nz/ouassa/2018/02/15/why-knowledge-forum-some-tips-on-use-of-the-scaffolds/<span id='e-VsYNAZc'/><span id='cSl7IanSE'/>

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