David Christian

  • #public
  • scholar of Russian history #Russia - researched role of peasantry and vodka
  • in 1989 began teaching first course on Big History
    • wrote Maps of Time📒 that mirrored the course content (2006)
    • Christian's best-selling Teaching Company course entitled Big History
      • 48 half-hour lectures
    • caught the attention of philanthropist Bill Gates, who is funding Christian's efforts to develop a program to bring the course to secondary-school students worldwide. Big History Project
  • Christian is credited with coining the term Big History and he serves as president of the International Big History Association
  • In 1998 he published A History of Russia, Central Asia and Mongoliab; in which he studied the steppe and forest peoples of Inner Eurasia as opposed to 'outer Eurasia' – the crescent of agrarian civilizations from Europe, the Middle East, and India to China.